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Recent Publications by Members

Publication Year: 2021

1.  Polar β-Phase PVdF-HFP-Based Freestanding and Flexible Gel Polymer Electrolyte for Better Cycling Stability in a Na Battery R Mishra,SK Singh, H Gupta, RK Tiwari, D Meghnani, A Patel, A Tiwari, VK Tiwari, RK Singh, Energy & Fuels 35 (18), 15153-15165

2.  Enhanced Cyclic Stability of LiNi0.815Co0.15Al0.035O2 Cathodes by Surface Modification with BiPO4 for Applications in Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Batteries D Meghnani, H Gupta, SK Singh, N Srivastava, R Mishra, RK Tiwari, Anupam Patel, Anurag Tiwari, Rajendra K Singh ChemElectroChem 8 (15), 2867-2880


3.  Momentous past and key advancements in ionic liquid mediated polymer electrolyte for application in energy storage, RK Singh, R Dhar International Journal of Energy Research 


4. Dead Ashoka (Saraca asoca) leaves–derived porous activated carbons and flexible iongel polymer electrolyte for high-energy-density electric double-layer capacitors AK Tripathi, S Murugavel, RK Singh Materials Today Sustainability 11, 100062



5. Materials Today Sustainability AK Tripathi, S Murugavel, RK Singh

6.  Multifaceted ethylenediamine and hydrothermal assisted optimum reduced GO‐nanosulfur composite as high capacity cathode for lithium‐sulfur batteries RK Tiwari, SK Singh, H Gupta, N Srivastava, D Meghnani, R Mishra, A Patel, ATiwari, V K Tiwari, RK Singh

Electrochemical Science Advances, e202100025

7.  Surface modification of nano Na [Ni0. 60Mn0. 35Co0. 05] O2 cathode material by dextran functionalized RGO via hydrothermal treatment for high performance sodium batteries R Mishra, SK Singh, H Gupta, N Srivastava, D Meghnani, RK Tiwari, A Patel, ATiwari, VK Tiwari, RK Singh, Applied Surface Science 535, 147695


8.  Ethnomycological Study of Wild Edible and Medicinal Mushrooms in District Jammu, J&K, India R Sharma, YP Sharma, SAJ Hashmi, S Kumar, RK Manhas 


9.  Poly (o-toluidine)/multiwalled carbon nanotube-based nanocomposites: An efficient electrode material for supercapacitors S Islam, P Sehrawat, H Khan, SA Hashmi, M Zulfequar Journal of Materials Research 36 (17), 3472-3483

10. High-Energy-Density Carbon Supercapacitors Incorporating a Plastic-Crystal-Based Nonaqueous Redox-Active Gel Polymer Electrolyte N Yadav, N Yadav, SA Hashmi ACS Applied Energy Materials 4 (7), 6635-6649

11.  Stable Na-ion supercapacitor under non-ambient conditions using maricite-NaMnPO4 nanoparticles

A Chowdhury, S Biswas, A Dhar, PS Burada, A Chandra, Journal of Power Sources 516, 230679

12. High performance magnetic pseudocapacitors-Direct correlation between specific capacitance and diffusion coefficients A Chowdhury, S Biswas, V Sharma, J Halder, A Dhar, B Sundaram, B Dubey, PS Burada, A Chandra, Electrochimica Acta 397, 139252

13. Anomalous structural behavior and antiferroelectricity in BiGdO3: Detailed temperature and high-pressure study R Jana, A Dutta, P Saha, K Mandal, B Ghosh, A Chandra, I Das, GD Mukherjee, Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 33, 495403


14. Emerging two-dimensional tellurides S Siddique, CC Gowda, S Demiss, R Tromer, S Paul, KK Sadasivuni, EF Olu, A Chandra, Vi Kochat, DS Galvão, P Kumbhakar, R Mishra, PM Ajayan, CS Tiwary, Materials Today

15. Hierarchical SnO2 nanostructures for potential VOC sensor S Priya, J Halder, D Mandal, A Chowdhury, T Singh, A Chandra, Journal of Materials Science 56 (16), 9883-9893

16.  Scalable Synthesis of Atomically Thin Gallium Telluride Nanosheets for Supercapacitor Applications S Siddique, CC Gowda, R Tromer, S Demiss, ARS Gautam, OE Femi, P Kumbhakar, DS Galvao, A Chandra, CS Tiwary, ACS Applied Nano Materials 4 (5), 4829-4838

17.  Convert waste petroleum coke to multi-heteroatom self-doped graphene and its application as supercapacitors D Mandal, PL Mahapatra, R Kumari, P Kumbhakar, A Biswas, B Lahiri, A Chandra, CS Tiwary, Emergent Materials 4 (2), 531-544

18.  Emerging 2D metal oxides and their applications P Kumbhakar, CC Gowda, PL Mahapatra, M Mukherjee, KD Malviya, M Chaker, A Chandra, B Lahiri, PM Ajayan, D Jariwala, A Singh, CS Tiwary, Materials Today


19.  Hierarchical NaFePO 4 nanostructures in combination with an optimized carbon-based electrode to achieve advanced aqueous Na-ion supercapacitors S Biswas, D Mandal, T Singh, A Chandra RSC Advances 11 (48), 30031-30039

20.  Redox mediator induced electrochemical reactions at the electrode‐electrolyte interface: Making sodium‐ion supercapacitors a competitive technology A Chowdhury, S Biswas, T Singh, A Chandra Electrochemical Science Advances, e2100030

21.  External vibrations can destroy the specific capacitance of supercapacitors–from experimental proof to theoretical explanations S Biswas, V Sharma, T Singh, A Chandra Journal of Materials Chemistry A 9 (10), 6460-6468


22. Magneto-dielectric and magneto-conducting fillers based polymer composites: Effect of functionalization, coating and dispersion process on electromagnetic shielding properties Feb 2021, Manoj Kumar Vyas, Amita Chandra Journal of Applied Polymer Science 138(25):e50602_1-17


23.  Effect of surface modification of dispersoid on hybrid polymer electrolyte Feb 2021 Shilpa Khurana, Sangeeta Negi, Amita Chandra Polymer Testing 96:107118

Publication Year: 2020

24.  Electrochemical performance of Li-rich NMC cathode material using ionic liquid-based blend polymer electrolyte for rechargeable Li-ion batteries N Srivastava, SK Singh, H Gupta, D Meghnani, R Mishra, RK Tiwari, A Patel, A Tiwari, RK Singh Journal of Alloys and Compounds 843, 155615

25.  Behaviour of ionic liquid adsorbed on the surface of nano-silica particles and in the confined system of silica matrices YL Verma, MP Singh, S Kumar, R Dhar, RK Singh Surface Science 701, 121701


26.  Fabrication and electrochemical characterization of lithium metal battery using IL-based polymer electrolyte and Ni-rich NCA cathode

D Meghnani, H Gupta, SK Singh, N Srivastava, R Mishra, RK Tiwari, A Patel, A Tiwari, RK Singh Ionics 26 (10), 4835-4851


27.  Cover Feature: High‐Voltage Nickel‐Rich NMC Cathode Material with Ionic‐Liquid‐Based Polymer Electrolytes for Rechargeable Lithium‐Metal Batteries (ChemElectroChem 17/2020) H Gupta, RK Singh ChemElectroChem 7 (17), 3540-3540

28. High‐Voltage Nickel‐Rich NMC Cathode Material with Ionic‐Liquid‐Based Polymer Electrolytes for Rechargeable Lithium‐Metal Batteries H Gupta, RK Singh ChemElectroChem 7 (17), 3597-3605


29.  Development of bio-nanocomposite film based on sodium alginate-CuO nanoparticles and essential oils towards medical applications

N Mallick, DS Pattanayak, RK Singh, VK Patel, UK Naik, M Kumari, AB Soni, D Pal JOURNAL OF THE INDIAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 97 (7), 1088-1093


30. Ionic liquid mediated nano-composite polymer gel electrolyte for rechargeable battery application S Kataria, YL Verma, H Gupta, SK Singh, N Srivastava, R Dhar, RK Singh  Polymer-Plastics Technology and Materials 59 (9), 952-958


31.  Enhanced structural and cycling stability of Li2CuO2-coated LiNi0. 33Mn0. 33Co0. 33O2 cathode with flexible ionic liquid-based gel polymer electrolyte for lithium polymer batteries SK Singh, D Dutta, RK Singh Electrochimica Acta 343, 136122

32. Ionic liquid based gel polymer electrolytes for application in rechargeable lithium batteries H Gupta, RK Singh Lithium Storage, ISBN 978-1-78985- 504-3


33.  Dynamics of Ionic Liquids in Confinement by Means of NMR Relaxometry—EMIM-FSI in a Silica Matrix as an Example D Kruk, M Wojciechowski, M Florek-Wojciechowska, RK Singh, Materials 13 (19), 4351

34. A high performance flexible gel polymer electrolyte incorporated with suberonitrile as additive for quasi-solid carbon supercapacitor MY Bhat, N Yadav, SA Hashmi, Materials Science and Engineering: B 262, 114721


35. Nanozirconia polymer composite porous membrane prepared by sustainable immersion precipitation method for use as electrolyte in flexible supercapacitors N Yadav, K Mishra, SA Hashmi, Materials Today Communications 25, 101506


36. Gel Polymer Electrolyte Composition Incorporating Adiponitrile as a Solvent for High-Performance Electrical Double-Layer Capacitor

MY Bhat, N Yadav, SA Hashmi, ACS Applied Energy Materials 3 (11), 10642-10652


37.  Optimization of hierarchical porous carbon derived from a biomass pollen-cone as high-performance electrodes for supercapacitors

AA Hor, SA Hashmi, Electrochimica Acta 356, 136826


38.  Coral-Shaped Bifunctional NiCo2O4 Nanostructure: A Material for Highly Efficient Electrochemical Charge Storage and Electrocatalytic Oxygen Evolution Reaction L Kumar, M Chauhan, PK Boruah, MR Das, SA Hashmi, S Deka ACS Applied Energy Materials 3 (7), 6793-6804


39.  Ionic liquid incorporated, redox-active blend polymer electrolyte for high energy density quasi-solid-state carbon supercapacitor

N Yadav, N Yadav, SA Hashmi Journal of Power Sources 451, 227771


40.  Accommodating succinonitrile rotators in micro-pores of 3D nano-structured cactus carbon for assisting micro-crystallite organization, ion transport and surplus pseudo … M Suleman, M Deraman, SA Hashmi, MAR Othman, Y Kumar, Electrochimica Acta 333, 135547


41.  Polymer electrolytes for supercapacitor and challenges SA Hashmi, N Yadav, MK Singh Polymer Electrolytes: Characterization Techniques and Energy Applications


42.  Recent progress in electrode and electrolyte materials for flexible sodium-ion batteries K Mishra, N Yadav, SA Hashmi Journal of Materials Chemistry A 8 (43), 22507-22543


43.  Energy enhancement of quasi-solid-state supercapacitors based on a non-aqueous gel polymer electrolyte via a synergistic effect of dual redox additives diphenylamine and … N Yadav, SA Hashmi Journal of Materials Chemistry A 8 (35), 18266-18279


44.  Hierarchical porous carbon derived from eucalyptus-bark as a sustainable electrode for high-performance solid-state supercapacitors

N Yadav, SA Hashmi Sustainable Energy & Fuels 4 (4), 1730-1746


45.  Theoretical model for magnetic supercapacitors—From the electrode material to electrolyte ion dependence A Chowdhury, A Dhar, S Biswas, V Sharma, PS Burada, A Chandra, The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 124 (49), 26613-26624


46. Hierarchical cage-frame type nanostructure of CeO2 for bio sensing applications: from glucose to protein detection D Mandal, S Biswas, A Chowdhury, D De, CS Tiwary, AN Gupta, T Singh, A Chandra Nanotechnology 32 (2), 025504


47.  Curcumin complexed with graphene derivative for breast cancer therapy D De, CK Das, D Mandal, M Mandal, N Pawar, A Chandra, AN Gupta, ACS Applied Bio Materials 3 (9), 6284-6296


48.  Controlling reaction kinetics of layered zinc vanadate having brucite-like Zn–O layers supported by pyrovanadate pillars for use in supercapacitors A Chowdhury, R Shukla, V Sharma, S Neogy, A Chandra, V Grover, AK Tyagi Journal of Alloys and Compounds 829, 154479


49.  Utilizing 2D Graphite Carbon Nitride for Industrial Applications–from Supercapacitors to Biosensors D Mandal, S Biswas, A Chowdhury, A Chandra, ECS Meeting Abstracts, 821


50.  A study of microbially fabricated bio-conjugated quantum dots for pico-molar sensing of H2O2 and glucose R Mahle, D Mandal, P Kumbhakar, A Chandra, CS Tiwary, R Banerjee, Biomaterials science


51. Hollow nanostructures of metal oxides as emerging electrode materials for high performance supercapacitors S Biswas, V Sharma, D Mandal, A Chowdhury, M Chakravarty, S Priya, CC Gowda, P De, I Singh, A Chandra CrystEngComm 22 (9), 1633-164

52.  Aqueous electrolytes’ transport through nanopores of polymeric membrane March 2020 Radiation Effects and Defects in Solids 175(3-4):257-267

Publication Year: 2019

53.  Application of Ionic Liquids as a Green Material in Electrochemical Devices AK Tripathi, RK Singh Industrial Applications of Green Solvents: Volume II 54, 106-147

54.  Development of gel polymer electrolyte based on LiTFSI and EMIMFSI for application in rechargeable lithium metal battery with GO-LFP and NCA cathodes L Balo, H Gupta, SK Singh, VK Singh, AK Tripathi, N Srivastava, RK Tiwari, R Mishra, D Meghnani, RK Singh Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry 23 (8), 2507-2518

55.  Nonaqueous, Redox‐Active Gel Polymer Electrolyte for High‐Performance Supercapacitor N Yadav, N Yadav, MK Singh, SA Hashmi

Energy Technology 7 (9), 1900132


56.  Pinecone-derived porous activated carbon for high performance all-solid-state electrical double layer capacitors fabricated with flexible gel polymer electrolytes MY Bhat, N Yadav, SA Hashmi, Electrochimica Acta 304, 94-108

57.  Magnesium ion‐conducting gel polymer electrolyte nanocomposites: Effect of active and passive nanofillers J Sharma, S Hashmi Polymer Composites 40 (4), 1295-1306


58.  Background, fundamental understanding and progress in electrochemical capacitors Y Kumar, S Rawal, B Joshi, SA Hashmi Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry 23 (3), 667-692


59.  Solid-state pseudocapacitors based on MnO2-nanorod-electrodes and plastic crystal incorporated gel polymer electrolyte: synergistic effect of Li-salt addition in … MY Bhat, SA Hashmi, Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry 23 (2), 591-60


60.  Mn3O4-polyaniline-graphene as distinctive composite for use in high-performance supercapacitors P Haldar, S Biswas, V Sharma, A Chowdhury, A Chandra, Applied Surface Science 491, 171-179


61.  Effect of laser irradiation on graphene oxide integrated TE-pass waveguide polarizer S Ghosh, D Mandal, A Chandra, SNB Bhaktha, Journal of Lightwave Technology 37 (10), 2380-2385


62.  Performance of Na-ion supercapacitors under non-ambient conditions—from temperature to magnetic field dependent variation in specific capacitance S Biswas, A Chowdhury, A Chandra, Frontiers in Materials 6, 54


63.  DNA supported graphene quantum dots for Ag ion sensing, D Mandal, AN Gupta, A Chandra Nanotechnology 30 (25), 255501


64.  Addition of redox additives—synergic strategy for enhancing the electrochemical activity of spinel Co3O4 based supercapacitors MA Akhtar, A Chowdhury, A Chandra Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 52 (15), 155501

65.  Electrode materials with highest surface area and specific capacitance cannot be the only deciding factor for applicability in energy storage devices: inference of combined, V Sharma, S Biswas, B Sundaram, P Haldar, B Dubey, A Chandra ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 7 (5), 5385-5392

66.  Quantification of protein aggregation rates and quenching effects of amylin–inhibitor complexes S Khatun, A Singh, D Mandal, A Chandra, AN Gupta, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 21 (36), 20083-20094


67.  Ion conducting polymer-silica hybrid ionogels obtained via non-aqueous sol-gel route Shilpa Khurana and Amita Chandra Solid State Ionics 340 (2019) 115027


67.  Chaotic Behavior of Ionic Transportation Through Synthetic Ion Channels, International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos (2019) 29(08):1950107, Sangeeta Negi, Awadhesh Prasad and Amita Chandra


68.  Synergistic effect of conducting and insulating fillers in polymer nanocomposite films for attenuation of X-band, Manoj Kumar Vyas and Amita Chandra, Journal of Materials Science 54 (2019) 1304-1325

69.  Ionic switch using nano-channels in polymeric membrane, Sangeeta Negi and Amita Chandra, Ionics 25 (2019)1123–1130

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